Our Premise

Before cooperation is made possible,

there must be successful communication.

We never skip this element.

What we can do for you

1. Developing successful cooperation with China because we know it to the heart of its culture.

2. Seamless organizational integration because we work from individual to organizational levels.

3. Developing talents' full potential to make them the fittest for national and international cooperation.

4. Translation services into more than twelve languages including Mandarin, whole Europe, Russia and the Americas.

5. Custome-made technology that facilitates the above.

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Covid-19 crisis service

Due to the urgency of the current pandemic, we are extending our service to sourcing of medical products. At the moment we are cooperating with certified factories in China, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, and Turkey.

About us

Alternatives-A stands for excellence. Our organization is dedicated to facilitating international cooperation and integration, which is key to national, organizational, and individual success.

We assist organizations and people in developing their full capacity and enhancing diversity through the exchange of creative ideas across many fields and the use of costume-made technology that makes cooperation easy and reliable.

To achieve this goal, we have developed several programs including:

Organizational Diagnosis,

Organizational Integration, and

Creativity & Innovation. 

Besides, we excel in dealing with negotiations with China and South East Asia, helping individuals and organizations to connect and negotiate their investment projects, commercial interactions, and education exchange successfully. 


Check out the 8 Pillars sustaining our organization.



Through the development and implementation of alternative ways, our vision is the creation of a global community of creative individuals and organizations committed to the well-being of humankind.


Without discrimination of type, we are committed to developing sustainable and socio-environmental responsible cooperation and integration systems. To accomplish such a goal we conduct practical and in-depth training and coaching programs supported by accessible custome-made technology.

Our mission is to equip nations, organizations, and individuals with the right knowledge and tools so that they develop their full potential, become more competitive and better prepared to succeed and help our local and global societies.

Our name in Chinese : 昂闵 (Ang Min)  

In China, where we started to operate, we are registered as 昂 闵 (上海) 企业 咨询 有限公司

昂(ang) as a verb, this character expresses the action of raising. As an adjective, it represents the attitude of being proud and upright. This we promise: to lift many people around the world to a level at which they will be proud of themselves as individuals and societies.


闵 (min) as a verb, it means to urge or to incite; which is what we do: through carefully developed systems, we provide understanding and methodology, and then we urge people to act and raise to whatever heights they want to.


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 El Salvador +503 76855847

 China +86 137 95323199

Portugal +351 913 035769


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